ALL ELEVEN of our cupcake flavors are available on the Sweetbitestruck EVERYDAY! You can also find our cupcakes at the Broad Branch Market in DC!

Triple European Chocolate
We start with a moist and decadently dark chocolate cake made with fine Belgian cocoa. Then we add a generous helping of silky smooth French chocolate frosting. Finally we top it all off with Belgian chocolate shavings!

Cookies ‘n’ Cream
This is one of our most indulgent desserts, featuring unbelievably creamy Oreo-infused frosting swirled atop a rich Belgian chocolate cupcake, with a half an Oreo cookie on top.

Chocolate Coconut
We top our rich chocolate cupcake with creamy frosting and loads of sweet, moist coconut. A coconut lover’s delight.

Red Velvet
Our take on this classic cupcake is so delicious, it’s dangerous. We make it extra smooth, extra rich and extra velvety, topped with luscious just-sweet-enough vanilla buttercream frosting.

Double Madagascar Vanilla
On a foundation of moist and fragrant Madagascar vanilla cake, we build a heavenly topping with light and luscious Madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Madagascar Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream
Our moist and fragrant Madagascar vanilla cake, topped with our silky smooth French chocolate buttercream—a classic blend of chocolate and vanilla made sensational with our trademark attention to freshness, quality, and perfect balance. Also available in Gluten-Free!

Pina Colada
Treat yourself to a little tropical vacation. This cupcake is deliciously fruity and moist, infused with pineapple and coconut. We top it with real Malibu rum buttercream frosting.

Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal)
Packed with real pumpkin, this moist cupcake is full of flavor and spice. We top it off with our delicious decadent cream cheese frosting!

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Ribbons of silky smooth and velvety peanut butter frosting top our moist chocolate cupcake. Loaded with peanut flavor and just the right sweetness!

Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache
We dip our European chocolate cupcake in a pool of rich dark Belgian chocolate ganache. Then we dollop it with our silky vanilla buttercream to give it perfect balance.

Carrot Cake
Packed with freshly grated carrots, pineapple, and coconut, this incredibly moist cupcake is topped with our real Grade A Vermont maple cream cheese frosting. Topped with a hand piped buttercream carrot garnish!

Salty Caramel (New!)
Our most recent and wildly popular addition to the menu. We start with our moist and decadent chocolate cake made with fine Belgian cocoa. Then we add browned butter frosting, a generous swirl of freshly made caramel, and top it off with imported Fleur de Sel salt.

Baileys Irish Cream (Seasonal)
A seasonal favorite, our St. Patricks Day cupcake hits the spot. Our signature chocolate cake is topped with a rich cream cheese frosting infused with real Baileys Irish cream and hand piped buttercream shamrock.

Bars & Cookies

Lemon Kiss Bars
Bursting with fresh tangy citrus flavor, our creamy lemon topping is the perfect match for its crisp, buttery shortbread base.

3C Bar (Chewy Chocolate Chip)
Like an old-fashioned Blondie, but loaded with dark chocolate chips and toasted walnuts. Soft and chewy and full of flavor.

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons
Nestled inside a layer of fine Belgian Chocolate, discover the ideal macaroon: a super-moist coconut center with a crisp outer shell.

Buttery Sugar Cookies
Simple and divine. Crisp and sweet. Imprinted with a daily Sweetbites inscription.

Dark Chocolate Brownies
Our brownies are made in small batches using only the best imported Belgian semisweet chocolate and cocoa. Their fudgy, delicious, and impossible to resist.

Scones, Muffins and Coffee Cakes

Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Muffins
We combine an abundance of fine bittersweet chocolate chips with a super-moist all-natural sour cream muffin, so every bite is full of flavor.

Chocolate Banana Bread
Now available everyday, this new treat quickly became one of our most popular items! So incredibly moist and fragrant, our banana bread is infused with the finest imported cocoa and dark chocolate chips. Hard to resist a second piece!


Fruit-Topped Cheesecake Bites
One of our signature items! Crunchy buttery graham crusts and rich Philly cream cheese filling, topped with a fresh fruit of the day. No fork required.


Iced Tea